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Healthcare Workforce Research

Using our unique provider-level Enhanced State Licensure (ESL) data, we can integrate your data or find other relevant local, state, region or national datasets to help answer most healthcare workforce questions and challenges

NCAHD’s Potential Research Areas

  • State and national projected primary care physician needs and estimate shortages overlaid with elderly and at-risk populations
  • National allied healthcare provider to population ratios
  • Retention of International Medical Graduates in rural areas over time
  • Impact of the National Health Services Corp (NHSC) over time
  • National workforce data to support recruitment and retention for all providers
  • Primary Care workforce migration patterns over time
  • Proportional distribution of healthcare workforce relative to certain demographic groups or areas
  • Trends in workforce 
  • Impact of the decrease of general internal medicine practitioners
  • Medical education training site placement
  • Locate existing training programs and identify gaps relative to demographics and to the proximity of potential healthcare providers
  • Potential geographic and economic impact of aging healthcare workforce
  • Local, regional and state physician workforce economic impact
  • Percentage of COM’s graduates that are US vs IMG
  • Percentage of COM’s graduates who were in primary care residencies and now practice primary care
  • Age and percentage breakdown of internal medicine physicians practicing general internal medicine