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NCAHD has the ability to provide workforce and population analysis needed during non-compete and other types of healthcare workforce litigation.

"I worked extensively with NCAHD when I sued my former employer over a non-compete clause in my contract. I'm a specialist physician in a small, rural town and I knew I could win by proving the obvious--that my area was medically underserved.

Interestingly, the state and national governments have definitions for underserved areas, but they only apply to a few select fields, like primary care, psychiatry/mental health and dentistry. I needed to prove that my area was underserved for my specialty.

Ann Peton and her team at NCAHD were instrumental to my success. She has access to reams of data that was more accurate than government records. She knows the ins and outs of medical licensing, population statistics, shortage areas and can compile them in an easy to understand format for the end user--whether it was my attorneys, the judge or a jury.

I am forever indebted to Ann for all her help and would recommend her to everyone except my opponents!"

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