Our Services


Healthcare Workforce Research

We research a variety of healthcare areas, such as workforce, trends, geographic and economic impacts.

Mapping Portal Development

Visualize and interact with your data through our unique healthcare internet-mapping portal.

Mapping and Spatial Analysis

We map your data and find the relationship and trends so you can take action.

Alumni Tracking

We locate your alumni and analyze specialties, proximity to rural and federal underserved areas, etc.

Trend Analysis

With our data, we can analyze migration patterns, alumni tracking, workforce data, etc.

Outcome Reports

We find your alumni, help you grow your residency program, and assist in research and proposal development.

Workforce Economic Impact

We support you in assessing the impact of healthcare workforce in your area.

Data Subscription Service

More information coming soon...

Litigation Support

We conduct workforce and population analysis used in non-compete and healthcare workforce litigation.

Work With The NCAHD Team